Mylo Freeman: "Children need both mirrors and windows" - Kidiyo
Mylo Freeman: “Kinderen hebben behoefte aan zowel spiegels als ramen”
mei 15, 2018
Bied je kind de helpende hand
mei 31, 2018

Mylo Freeman: “Children need both mirrors and windows”

Great stories make happy, healthy kids.

You may have noticed that stories, both read and watched, are huge parts of the lives of kids (and the rest of us too!) Quite often it will be the first way in which kids hear about the wider world and begin to understand their place in it. A good story will spark their fascination, gifting them the curiosity to learn and discover more. It can also reassure them, inspiring confidence for the adventure of life. In short, good stories at a young age can lead to happier, healthier kids (and adults).

Stories come in many forms

Character driven stories form the greatest connections, and the same goes for character driven learning. That’s why your child’s adventure with Arabella takes many shapes inside the Kidiyo App. They can play along with Arabella in the fun and educational app games, or read an ebook, or even have a story read by Mylo herself. It all adds a sense of companionship and confidence, which inspires kids to learn through play. Read more about these features below:

Kamishibai read by Mylo

A Kamishibai is a special experience where the Arabella picture books are presented and read to kids by Mylo herself. Right from the App screen, the Kamishibai film simulates the fun of having a book read to you. This experience is great for kids for so many reasons. Firstly - pure joy and entertainment, everybody loves being read a story! Also, the fact that it is an oral story strengthens a child’s skill in listening, knowledge of word sounds and thus confidence in speaking. Finally, it is a fantastic social interaction as kids watch Mylo reading just for them!

Princess Arabella Ebooks

We are very excited to present the Princess Arabella picture books in a unique digital format on the Kidiyo App. Read the great stories and see the glorious illustrations, all with the added experience of our special features. You can read to your kid and they can start to learn word by following the text. Or you can hide the text and listen to Mylo’s voice. There is even a convenient auto-play feature, where Mylo reads to you child and the pages turn automatically. These ebooks give kids all the benefits of patience and imagination that comes from reading paper books, but with the convenience of the digital platform with its added features.