Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you guarantee safety on smart phones and touchscreens that can access the internet?
Once the Kidiyo application is installed and opened, you can activate our locking feature and your device will become a 100% kid-safe environment. This means that while playing and learning in Kidiyo your child will not be able to exit the application to either view any unwanted content on the device or access the internet. Our strict privacy policy is also in place to keep your family and your data safe. Once inside Kidiyo your kid is protected while enjoying the positive benefits of technology.
2What does ‘No Hidden Costs’ mean?
Maybe our values are old-fashioned but we don’t believe in misleading prices. There will never be any hidden or additional costs for your Kidiyo membership. For only 4.99 euros per month your family (up to 4 kids) will enjoy unlimited Kidiyo access.
3But won’t technology turn my kid into a zombie?
This is a growing concern for us all watching our kids grow up today and solving this is one of the main reasons we developed Kidiyo. The use of smart technology can be a powerful, positive influence when used in combination with real world adventures and social engagement tools. It can inspire kids like never before and educate in an entertaining way, making learning easy and growing up fun. Our timer feature also gives parents the power to limit the amount of time their kid uses technology.

Now kids can reach their full potential while still enjoying a happy childhood. Kidiyo helps kids connect with the world and the people around them. Have a real world adventure with your kid today!
4I have more than one kid, do I have to pay more?
Certainly not. Our Kidiyo membership takes care of the whole family and enables individual profiles for up to 4 kids. So everyone can play, regardless of their age or preferences.
5Does my kid really need to start learning before school begins?
The first years of life (0-6) can be the very important. Social skills, values and abilities learnt in these years can help an individual for the rest of their life. A challenging, inspiring, adventurous childhood can give your kid the qualities to make the rest of their life easier and more fun. We believe in giving your kid every opportunity to reach their full potential while still enjoying a happy childhood.
6Can I use Kidiyo without internet connection?
One of the great features of Kidiyo allows you to keep playing games even without the internet. All you have to do is play the game once on your device in the Kidiyo application while online. Then you can have unlimited fun on that game even without using up all your mobile data! Since our video content is streamed, it is not yet available offline.

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