Talented Mobile Developer

We are looking for a talented Mobile Developer to join our development team. You will work on both our iOS and Android mobile apps using Swift and Kotlin, as well as improving our infrastructure using the best tool for the job.

In this position you are responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of new and old features in our application, bug fixing, and quality improvement. You become part of our development team and work closely together not only with the other developers but also with our designers, marketers and pedagogs. We value the simplicity, readability, maintainability and testability of our codebase and look for someone who shares these values.

How we work

We work in sprints of two weeks and value cooperation and clarity on how far everyone is and what blockers we are facing. We believe in small and quick iterations to keep the pipeline always moving and to deliver value regularly.

Git is our starting point. We track every single change made to both our backend and applications, and review, and discussed them within the development team. We discuss alternative solutions to solve a problem at hand beforehand, and no piece of work is merged to master before being reviewed and approved by the team.

We are fond of the functional paradigm and its principles and use them as our baseline to develop simple and maintainable code. We are not running after every flashy tech trend but focus on what is fundamentally different and on what can learn us a different way of to thinking.

Our current stack includes: Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, TypeScript, Ruby, Python, Firebase, Gitlab, PostgreSQL and Grafana. We use Linux and MacOS.


– Committed to high engineering standards
– Excellent problem-solving skills
– Excellent English speaking and writing skills
– Good programming skills in either Swift or Kotlin
– Experience with mobile or web development, web technologies and APIs
– Good working knowledge of Unix systems, Git, and the command-line
– An eager, self-driven, and open-minded attitude

Nice to have

– Experience in iOS or Android development
– Familiarity with SQL and relational databases, preferably Postgres
– A good eye for UX
– Familiarity with the Functional Programming or willingness to learn
– Interest in automation & devops
– A positive & constructive approach to the team and the work


– Designing, development, and testing of new features
– Collaborate with and review PRs of other team members
– Improve the reliability and robustness of our application
– Work closely with our designers and overall team on requirements and issues

We offer

– A challenging part-time or full-time job with space for personal initiative
– Opportunity to work with developers who explore non-mainstream technology like Haskell and Elixir
– Working for a start-up with much work to do and space to make a difference
– A cool office in the city centre of Den Haag, with a table-tennis and a table-football

Your future colleagues

Nuno Alexandre // Lead Developer

Nuno is a polyglot programmer with a fondness for the functional paradigm, particularely in Haskell. At Kidiyo he is responsible for all tech things and is dedicated in making our iOS and Android app the best in the market, as well as making sure everyone moves in the same direction with the best quality possible.

Jae Perris // Software Developer

Jae is an all-around developer, going from designing and implementing games and frameworks, to contributing to our mobile apps, to leverage our automation and developer experience.

Mark van Dijken // Software Developer

Mark is now our main game developer. He knows how to translate design requirements into reliable products and enjoys discussing interesting topics with the whole team. He also helps with the mobile apps and overall infrastruture.

What does Kidiyo do?

We are a young start-up from Den Haag that works to introduce digital media to children’s lives in a healthy way. We do that by being a platform with over 150 responsible, constructive, fun, educative, and exploring items, that aim to leverage kids’ interaction with their environment and family, instead of keeping them addicted to a screen and isolate them.