Meet the Characters

Chloe's Closet

Chloe is a creative young girl with a wild imagination.

Each day is a new adventure for Chloe and her friends as they play dress-up from her magical closet. When they put on the costumes they are transported to the world of their dreams - to the jungle, outer space or even fairyland. Here they can be anything they want - a princess, an explorer, a pilot, pirate or even the tooth fairy!

Watch Chloe in her series “Chloe’s Closet” or play alongside her energetic spirit on the Kidiyo games.

Princess Arabella

From the creative mind of Mylo Freeman comes the truly unique world of Princess Arabella. The artistic style of her watercolour picture books have been enjoyed by readers in many languages. Now they come to life in the world of Kidiyo!

Meet Princess Arabella - the most outgoing little Princess! She leaps off the pages in festive adventures. Her stories explore a whole world of diverse landscapes, characters, creatures and cultures. All the while Princess Arabella uses her strong will and loving attitude to save the day or make her dreams come true.